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An Inspiration

. . . MisConstrued

3 April
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I am an artist and entertainer,
I am a lover and a killer,
I am a saint and a sinner,
I am perfect in your eyes,
I am your muse and your demise!

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1980s, accents, affection, alice in wonderland, alien sex fiend, all gone dead, alternative modeling, antiworld, aphex twin, atreyu, b.c. rich, bam margera, bass players, batcave, bella morte, benicio del toro, big boots, big hair, big stompy boots, biting, black, black lipstick, blood, blood play, bloody dead and sexy, body modification, boondock saints, bottleneck, candles, cemeteries, chloe bridges, cigarettes, clothing design, cloves, clubbing, coil, computers, corsetry, corsets, cuddling, cyber, cyber goth, dead can dance, deadlygirlz.com, death, death rock, death rocker, deathrock, depeche mode, dreadlocks, eddie izzard, electronica, emo, extensions, eyeliner, fashion, fear cult, film, fire, fishnets, frankenstein, freaks, from autumn to ashes, geeks, genocide, gentle kisses, germany, glam, gliitter, gothic, graveyeards, handcuffs, hardcore, homicide, hooker boots, horror punk, industrail, industrial, johnny depp, kansas city, kisses, knives, lace, latex, leather, love, lyn-z, mafia, makeup, making out, marilyn manson, metal, mindless self indulgence, modeling, modelling, mohawks, music, new wave, nightmare before christmas, ninjas, non-cyber sex, old school goth, pain, partying, passion, photgraphy, photography, piercings, pin strips, pirates, polka-dot, post punk, punk, punk rock, pvc, radio free zion, raving, red, rockstars, scars, seraphim shock, sex, shaved eyebrows, silk, silver, siouxsie and the banshees, skateboarding, skinny puppy, soft cell, specimen, submission, suicide, suspensions, tank girl, tattoos, the cure, tight pants, tim burton, tragic black, vampire, vampires, vinyl, vynil, water, weirdos, witchcraft, world domination, zombies